About Tomson Tech®

The company is built on a solid foundation of well trained and experienced staffs. We operate on team spirit and unity, together nothing is impossible.

Tomson Technology® is an information technology company this founded in 2016 by David Tomson as a family company. with the help and support of my friends and family that made this possible.

The company is built on a solid foundation of well trained and experienced staffs. We operate on team spirit and unity, together nothing is impossible.

  • Web Responsiveness
  • Custome Emails
  • Safe & Secure
  • Your Best Choice
  • Search Optimizer
  • Simply to Manage.


We offer veriety of quality products and services such as Web Design and development; software development; network installation & administration; hardware repair & maintenace; software installation & maintenance; Database Management; and many more services....we also have a store openning soon in Juba Town where we have all electronic devices for all your Information technology needs.

we also provide other services such as computer application training, operating system and software installation; desktop and laptop reapair and maintenance; mobile phones repair, unlocking and applications installation. we build efficient and responsive website at a very affordable price, with management deal package. #html #css #JavaScript #bootstrap #php #javascript #Asp.net

The company also provide services as network installation, setup, maintenance and administration for companies, Banks organizations, academic and government institutions as well as businesses.

We have recently started tutoring students on programming, web development, SQL & ORACLE database management, Introduction to computer, Microsoft Office.....and many more

  • To provide quality service over price
  • To provide solution to our clients problems at the best of our capacity
  • Put a smile a clients with our professionalism and best service


we have a professional trained expert to handle your problem and deliver the best service
We always follow up with our clients to make sure they are satisfied with our service


We Deliver in Time, without unneccessay delays
We don't make empty promisses, we do our work at the best of our abilities

To God be the Glory

We have developed and deployed over 10+ websites and management softwares in South Sudan. And we will be happy ro work with you in visitualising your work or business

The company have recruited some of the top and great minds in the ICT field to support you digitalize and deliver more efficient results.

We are just a phone call away.

Tomson Technology® Services

Web Design

We build websites that can be viewed in Desktop, Mobile Phones, Ipads, Big Screens, without affecting its content. Using WiX, WordPress and NotePad Customizable platforms.

Graphic Design

Creative designers to get your Logo, banners, arts,campagn items done within 6hours tops. Logos, Headed papers, Stamps, Reciept Books, Magic cups, T-shirts, Exams Books, Banners Posters, flyers, Custome Forms, Branded Products, Brochures you name, we design it for you

Web Application

We Develop systems that helps you manage your work with ease. School systems, Pharmacy, Hotel system, Library managemnt, any thing you can think we can develop.

ICT Turtoring

We teach short courses such as, Intro to Computer, Microsoft Office, Web Design, Programing in PHP, JAVA, VB.NET, SQL and ORACLE Database, Language Courses, CCTV and IP Phones are coming soon.

Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration

From 1GB - Unlimited Server space to hold your date and web services. Local and global domain name registrations. Simple and user friendly C-Panel, and 24hrs customer care support.

Project & Proposal Writing

You have the idea, we help you put it in a professional format. Schools and Organizations Project proposals and writing.

We write idea and efficient projects for urban and grassroot level implementation.

Social Media Marketting

Social network marketing, we can market your brand, products and services in all social media avialable such as. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flikr, Linkedin and many more.

Search Engine Optimization

Don't stay hiden, With our search engine optimization any user in the internet can find your business in just one google or yahoo search.

Let's Work Together!


Some of our best work.
You like what you see, Come get yours even better than this.!

Microsoft Office+

ICT Turtoring
MS Classes


You are Amazing!

Simple and professional team, great portfolio, well presented and just amazing...


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Thank You!

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Thank You!

Dear David Tomson, Thanks for effort in creating and hosting our website online for us. Now our esteem donors can see the work to the communities. Please continue the good work.

Gabriel Pap from CIDA


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Am really impressed with the work that do, your websites are colorful and i like your professionalism. keep up the good work, and deliver the good work to our country South Sudan.


50+ Happy Clients!